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no longer offers internet service

NCW-Online is no longer offering internet service in Chelan county.

NCW-Online now builds and host small business websites. See below for details about our business web sites.

Need a Business Website? (
Small Business Websites are a growing part of our business at NCW-Online.

We have a great self service management system for small business websites. Click here for full details about our small business website offer.

Cost is only $250.00 to setup and $10.00 per month. 50% per month discount for Local Internet Service customers - Details Here

  • NCW-Online has been building/offering Professional Small Business Websites since 1999. We are experienced and take a professional attitude about every aspect of your website.
  • We offer phone support from 9: AM to 11:00 PM 7 days a week. Our attitude is - if you do business with us you deserve our full respect and attention when you need our help. No phone tag and email tag.
  • Speak to a live person who knows exactly how to accomplish all task concerning your website. We do not outsource our tech support. We LIKE speaking to and helping our customers. No, really, we do! Let us prove it!
  • We consider the business relationship we build with you to be one of our greatest assets. Yes we are old fashioned about this kind of stuff! What can we say! We're not 18 year olds here! No offense if you are (18) though!
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NCW-Online has completed the Chelan PUD Service provider certification program

NCW-Online is Certified by the FTTH Council.
NCW-Online provides Fiber Optic based internet service that meets The FTTH Council standards for fiber that goes all the way to the home. More >>

NCW-Online Spam and Virus Solutions

Click on these links and learn about how we handle Spam and virus files in email every day.

  1. What is Spam?
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  5. How can you prevent Spam and Virus attacks
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  7. Privacy articles by industry experts

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NCW-Online Internet Safety Section
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Go Wireless?

Is wireless technology finally up to snuff? Click here to find out what we think.

Click here for the NCW-Online guide to the new wireless systems and our own experience with this new technology!

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Earthlink Users... 
What does Earthlink really think of you?
They expect you to pay $28.00 for their 5x faster web accelerator service! 

That is outrageous!

NCW-Online's 5x faster Web Accell Service cost only $19.95 per month! That is $8.00 less for the same Web Accell system Earthlink uses. 

Go 5 times faster for 8 bucks less with NCW-Online!

Wenatchee local area business line 663-1124

Ephrata, Moses lake, Soap lake Local line 663-1124


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