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Kennewick Internet Access


Kennewick Internet Access - Unlimited hrs Dial Up Internet for Kennewick WA is only $16.95 per month

Save $7.00 per month over what AOL or EarthLink charges for Kennewick Dial Up Internet access ($23.95) You Get:

  • Unlimited Kennewick Internet Access - stay online as long as you like

  • As many email addresses as you want - 1 or 10 no problem

  • Web Site - you get a dot com web site - -  on our super fast servers for 50% off the regular price - ( $10.00 - 50% = $5.00 per month )

  • Business or personal web sites - same low price

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  • Call now and sign up - 509-663-1124

We will place you on the or the @usa network. We use the or the networks only as a backup if you can not access the unlimited networks from your location.

Your login name will look like this: or you@usa

Most cities will have more then 1 dial up number listed. This is because numbers are for different dialing prefixes or are provided by different backbone carriers or different networks. Some numbers will work for more then 1 network.

Notice - At NCW-Online we also specialize in small business web sites and web hosting. We have been building websites for local business owners since 1998. We can have your website online in 24 HRS for one low price - $150.00. That is complete - no other cost. This even covers your first 3 months of hosting payments and domain name registration cost.

More info click -> Kennewick small business websites

Call us at 509-663-1124 and we will have you online in a few minutes. A Credit card is required for all new account activation payments. After you have made your first payment you can pay by check or money order if you prefer.

City   State          Number                  Network       Hrs allowed per month                          v92
Kennewick WA     509-591-4055     @usa          Hrs allowed per month - unlimited     V92 - Yes
Kennewick WA     509-591-4055       Hrs allowed per month - 200            V92 - Yes
Kennewick WA     509-591-4055       Hrs allowed per month - unlimited     V92 - Yes
Kennewick WA     509-591-4055     Hrs allowed per month - 150            V92 - Yes
"Home" network usage, You can not change to another network. Example: Your login is you can not switch your network to unless you call and make arrangements to do so on the last day of the month.

Follow this procedure to check if a dial up number listed will be a local call for you. Dial it with your regular phone and listen for the modem tones. If you can dial the number as a local call and hear the modem tones it will be a number you can use for your local internet access.

Travel dial up Internet Access

While Traveling you can use any dial up number listed for any city across the USA, Canada and the US Virgin islands as long as it is listed under the same network your "Home" access number is from. Always check with the hotel front desk as these can be a toll call from your room and still work like a local call. If you check with them first they can not charge it to your room later.

It is a good idea is to call the hotel before the trip and give them the access numbers and have them check to see if the numbers work. You could be out of luck if you don't check this ahead of time. You may find another hotel a few miles away that your access numbers will work from. You will not know unless you ask ahead of time.

Note: NCW-Online is not responsible for any toll charges accrued while accessing the internet. You should always check with your local phone company to be absolutely sure the access number you want to use is not a toll call.

Need more info or have questions:
Call 509-663-1124
email: webmaster @  
Business hours: 9AM to 12PM M-F, 11AM - 9PM S@Sun 
Times are West coast - for WA State.

NCW area business line 509-663-1124


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