Microsoft Exchange Setup

Step one:

From the Tools menu… select Services … Ensure that Internet Mail is selected. Then Click Properties and enter the following information in the relevant boxes:

Full Name:
Your name
E-mail Address:
Internet Mail Server:
Account Name:
Your login name
Your NCWonline internet account password
Your current POP server is make sure to use the period
and not the @ sign behind mail
Your Account name is your entire email address
Step two:
Click Advanced Options… and enter the following in the box provided…
Enter: for dial-up accounts 

and for fiber accounts


Click OK on each screen (three times).
Restart Microsoft Exchange and you are ready to begin using your email service!

If you have trouble with your email after following these instructions re-read and re-check your settings. If you still have trouble please call tech support right away at 886-2732 so we may provide assistance, It is important to us that you have a good experience using your email account on NCWonline Internet Service.

We are happy to answer any general questions you may have about the internet or email, remember there are no dumb questions only people to embarrassed to ask.