Outlook Express Setup Ver4+   

Click here for outlook express error codes

1.First open Outlook Express. When the program opens click on Tools in the menu bar. 

2.Click on Accounts



Note: to update settings for the new email server highlight your account by clicking once on the account name then chose properties on the right. Then go directly to part 4 below.

A: Click once on the Mail tab.

B: There may or may not be anything listed in this area if there is go to C. below, if not 

1.click on Add, 

2. click display name: type in your name.

3.check I already have an email address, then type in your email address. 

4.Type in mail.ncwonline.com under incoming mail server.

5. outgoing (SMTP) mail servers use:
A. Dial-up accounts use smtp.safepages.com

B. Fiber accounts use mail.ncwonline.com

6. In the account name box type in your email entire email address (see note below) for explanation.
7.In the password box type in your Internet account password and check the remember password checkbox 

8.click next then click finish. You should now be ready to use your  email account if you need to make further adjustments see part 3 below.

C: What we are looking for is mail [default] (shown in yellow above). Look to the left of the mail [default] and you will see some text (here nothing is shown except for a solid blue box) click once on that text- this will highlight it.
D) With the text highlighted next to mail [default] click on the Properties button once.

1. If setting up a new account see the text below.
2. To edit email settings on an existing account see part 4 below.

3. To make the change necessary for the new email server see part 4 below

1. Type NCW-Online in the mail account 

2. Type your name in the user information "Name" box.

3. Type your email address in the E-mail address box. 

4. Type your email address in the Reply address box, or any other address you wish email to be sent to when your email correspondent replies to your email message

5. Make sure the "Include this account when doing a full Send and Receive" 
Box is checked as it is shown at right.

Part 4. Click once on the Servers tab.

Outgoing (SMTP) mail server settings:

Dial-up accounts use smtp.safepages.com

Fiber accounts use mail.ncwonline.com

Incoming mail use: mail.ncwonline.com

Note: On newer versions of outlook express the incoming mail is on the top and outgoing (SMTP) mail is on the bottom. Please take note of this and fill out the fields correctly.

Note, below is the setting that needs to be changed for the new email server.

In the account name box enter your entire email address: you@ncwonline.com.

Note: if making changes for the new email server you are finished - you do not need to change your account password, go to part 5 below.

Enter in your password - lower case, no spaces

Make sure the log on using Secure
Password Authentication button is "NOT" checked

Make sure the My server requires authentication box is not checked.


Part 5. 

To finish:
1. Click Apply

2. Click Ok
3. Close the main Internet accounts box.
4. Restart your outlook express program before checking your email.
5. Restart your computer before checking your email if you are using anti-virus software that scans your email for virus files.

You should now be able to use your NCW-Online email account.

If you have trouble with your email after following these instructions re-read and re-check your settings. If you still have trouble please call tech support right away at 509-663-1124 so we may provide assistance, It is important to us that you have a good experience using your email account on NCW-Online Internet Service.

We are happy to answer any general questions you may have about the internet or email, remember there are no dumb questions only people to embarrassed to ask.