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The FTTH Council is introducing a certification program that will recognize fiber optic service that goes all the way to the home.

  • Only FTTH – Fiber to the Home – delivers the full benefit of fiber – the great home entertainment experiences that happen when the barriers are broken and there are no limits to speed and capacity

  • The benefits of fiber stop where the fiber stops

  • Just because there’s fiber somewhere in a network, doesn’t mean that the network delivers the benefits of FTTH.

  • Fiber delivers unlimited speed and capacity – but once the fiber hits the old copper, speed, capacity and benefits hit limits.

  • NCW-Online has meet the FTTH Council's requirements for Certification in providing fiber all the way to the home for high speed internet service based in Chelan county.

Wenatchee local area business line 663-1124

Ephrata, Moses lake, Soap lake - Dial up service only - Local line 663-1124


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