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Click Here to access our NCW Community home pages & business directory. 36 NCW Communities with Over 20,000 pages of local business & community listings.

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Web site design - We can create a website to your specifications within your budget on time without hassles.


Web site Hosting We offer top of the line web hosting with professionally built server equipment witch we own. With access to 1000 times more bandwidth then necessary for normal operation so there will be no bottlenecks. We can place your website on our URL like this:  or we can register and host .com domain names, A one year domain name registration is only $15.00 per yr.


We can check to see if your name is available  and register it for you with one phone call Then get it up and running for  you in one week or less so if you want to see if is available  call us now! at 509-663-1124 or 509-663-1124


Web Site Management - we manage over 40 thousand real pages of content - we have the experience to provide exactly what you need and not what you don't need - we don't over sell.


Don't know an FTP from A fajita? No problem we do all the uploads and changes, we are your web site management team.


You can have a simple 5 page family website for as little as $6.95 or a full Business Web Site hosted by us for as little as $9.99 a month this includes: 

  • We build your Web Site to Your Specifications for one low price no hidden charges!

  • We list your Web Site in our directory so your customers can easily find it.

  • We advertise this directory so it will become well known and easily found by NCW Internet Users.

  • Average cost for us to host a large Web Site with weekly updates is only $19.99 per month.

  • If you have ever placed a Business ad in the local paper you know you can spend over $500.00 for one ad published for only 1 day and that's  not even for a full page!

The Local Merchants Network Business Directory Service
  • The Local Merchants Network was designed built so business in the NCW area can compete with out of the area pull for our customers dollars online.

  • Deluxe listings can look any way you like plus will include any key words you want up to a limit of 200. Deluxe listings also include the free use of our sales and specials section the most popular feature on our website - over 95% of all visitors use it to look for local sales and specials - don't disappoint them! be there when they look for your listing!

  • Now NCW Business has a way to be found quickly and easily with just a few clicks, we don't make you jump through hoops to find what you want. Try it now Click here to go to Wenatchee directory and look up Al's Auto Supply.

  • Business Owners contact us today and we will give you a free listing in the Local Merchants Network business directory with no further obligation, why? because we believe once we prove how valuable our service is many members of the business community will want to upgrade their listings to the deluxe level.

  • Email to

  •   Want more Information or have questions? No problem we are glad to help or provide further explanation. Call Robert at (509)-663-1124

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Wenatchee local area business line 663-1124

Ephrata, Moses lake, Soap lake - Dial up service only - Local line 663-1124


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