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These Instructions are for windows 95 and 98   

Double click on My Computer on your desk top, then double click on Dial-Up Networking. 

Then Double click on 

"Make New Connection"

This will look like the picture on the right, Type in NCWonline at the top in the name box, then click the "Next Button"

This Is the Next box that will open. Make sure there is not an Area Code in the Area Code box - if there is Please Erase it.

Then type in 662-1464 in the "Telephone Number" box.

Note! make sure to use 662-1464 not the number that is in the picture at right!

Then Click on the Next Button.

This is the next box that will appear make sure it says NCWonline in the Text Box, then click on the Finish Button.
After You Click the Finish Button the box will disappear and there will be a new icon next to the make new connection icon in the Dial-Up Networking box Named NCWonline.

Single right click on it and a menu box will open - Choose properties from the menu. The Box on the right will appear - make sure the use country code and area code check box is "not checked"
Then click on the "Server Types" Tab at the top. 
After clicking on the Server Types tab it will look like the box at right except it will say NCWonline at the top not "test" like on the top of this box.

Make sure all the settings are configured like this then click on the TCP/IP Settings Button.

Do not check the log on to network box as shown at right!

The TCP/IP Settings should Be configured like This.

Then click on the "OK" Button.

Click on the "OK" Button in this box and it will disappear.
Next single right Click on the NCWonline Icon in the Dial-Up Networking Box and a menu box will appear, click on the "create shortcut" choice and the box below will appear. 
Click on the yes button and the NCWonline 
connection Icon will be placed on your desk top.

Double click on the NCWonline Icon on your desktop and when it opens it will have a logon or User name box, type in your user name like this:

"avcXX@world.net"  IMPORTANT- Make sure the User name is typed in just like this - it must include the  @world.net

The xx in most cases will be a 2 or 3 digit number, then type in your password and make sure to use all lower case letters.

Then check the save password box. Look at the phone number and verify that it is 662-1464 Then click on the "Connect" Button and your computer will dial and connect to the internet. 

After it connects then you may start your Netscape or Internet Explorer.

After surfing the internet you will have to double click on the NCWonline icon on your desk top and chose terminate to close your connection.

IMPORTANT if you have problems connecting call tech support at 663-1124 if no answer call leave a message and we will call back within 30 minutes or call 421-0660 and we will help you with any connection problems you may encounter. tech support and sign up hours are 9:00AM to 9:00 PM weekdays and 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM weekends