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A few words about Service and Reliability.

Does the Internet Service you are with now slow down during peak usage times?
Our RAS servers (remote access servers) are directly connected to the Internet Backbone and have unlimited bandwidth. Read below for details (Click here)

Did you know that most small ISP's use old equipment cast off years ago by much larger companies? Usually it is bought for a few hundred bucks off of Ebay!

Every day they hope nothing will go wrong because this used equipment is barely working and If it breaks down they have no clue about what to do except to reboot it and pray!

They don't update software on this outdated equipment. They don't keep spare parts or send key tech support people to school to learn the art of trouble shooting and repair of this complicated and sensitive Equipment.

This is why with most small ISP's you will get nothing but excuses about why you are having trouble connecting or why your connection is slow or constantly freezing up.

They always tell you it is your equipment that is the problem.

How did we over come this problem? After all we are a "small ISP" 


We have contracted for our dial up service with the same backbone provider (UUNET) that takes care of the dial up service for such huge companies as Earthlink and AOL.

Does the Internet Service you are with now slow down during peak usage times?
Read the paragraph below for why we do not have this problem.

The RAS Servers used by NCW-Online through UUNET are state of the art and house more that 2000 modems in single unit. These RAS Servers receive all available updates. They are backed up by hot-swap spares and supported by trained tech support staff that are on duty 24/7. This type RAS (remote access server) cost over $50,000 each. There simply is no better and more reliable RAS Equipment in existence anywhere. These RAS servers are directly connected to the Internet Backbone and thus have access to unlimited bandwidth. 

This is the reason our service does not slow down during peak use like other small ISP's

We own the servers used for our web hosting and email service. We use Dell specially built servers not desk top computers turned into servers like so many other small companies with no code of ethics.

The bottom line ?

With Earthlink and AOL you get a solid connection but they install software on your computer that replaces Microsoft system files and causes many virus like problems in an effort to lock you into their service. Trying to get tech support is a nightmare. One recent convert from AOL told us of the many hours spent waiting for and dealing with AOL tech support. Then they started to ignore her calls because they could not over come the problems their own software was causing on her new HP system. We went out to her house and spent over an hour scouring the virus like AOL out of her system. With that done setting up and testing the internet connection was quick and easy.

Service is the bottom line. It's our promise to our family of members.

We provide the same great service for web hosting also.

Robert J. Barnes
NCW-Online Internet Service
Email: webmaster @ 
Contact us any time at: 509-663-1124 or 509-663-1124

Wenatchee local area business line 663-1124

Ephrata, Moses lake, Soap lake - Dial up service only - Local line 663-1124


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